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January Classes

In response to the extended government regulations of closing of scheduled premises, all classes in January will be delivered online until normal face-to-face classes could be resumed.


Similar to the arrangements before the Christmas holidays, 1 face-to-face class is equivalent to 2 online classes. Parents can now apply the classes for your child and make the payment online via the School App.


For online classes in January, please be reminded that


  1. Parents need to search the corresponding grade of the students in the App first, a minimum number of classes that need to apply would be shown on the App, parents need to pick the lessons that you want to book and finish the application by paying via the App (Please find the instructions for the process of application).

  2. Students of Advanced Foundation(AF) or above, please contact the Studio Secretary to make the application.

  3. The total of the tuition fee for online classes in January would be same as the monthly payment for face-to-face classes for each grade.

  4. For some classes, only date and time would be shown on the App, teacher may not be shown on the App yet due to the internal work arrangement of the School. The School will update the information once available.

  5. Parents could change the class time by calling our Studio Secretary. Please note that there is a maximum capacity for the online classes, parents need to contact our Studio Secretary at least 24 hours in advance before the lessons. No changing could be made if the class is full. Parents need to choose another timeslot.

  6. If the government relaxes the regulations over social distancing measures and announces reopening of fitness centres, only the normal group classes could be resumed (not include semi-private classes & small group classes), the remaining online classes will switch to equivalent number of face-to-face classes automatically (2 online classes = 1 face-to face class).

  7. In case of any dispute, the School reserves the final decision. Please note that the teacher of the class is subject to change without notice.


As the new syllabus is tight and a continuous learning is important, the School would continue to adopt diversified modes of teaching to facilitate students to continue learning at home.Parents should cooperate with the School to guarantee that students are able to maintain the progress.


Parents please make sure that you signed up for the right class for your child. Online class schedule would be available on our School App starting from today (28 December 2020). If you have any enquiries, please contact our Studio Secretary, we have duty staff from 9:30 to 18:30.


The School will continue to monitor the public health condition and make the necessary adjustments. Please continue to stay vigilant and have a joyful new year holiday. We thank you for your continuous support and kind understanding.


The Administration

Jean M. Wong School of Ballet

28 December 2020

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