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Established in 1973, The Tsinforn C. Wong Scholarship was renamed The Tsinforn C. Wong Memorial Scholarship (the Scholarship), in 1983, to commemorate the Principal’s late father.  The Scholarship is a government-registered charity, with primary objectives to promote ballet as an art form, to provide opportunities for dancers, teachers and choreographers to develop to their full potential; and to give financial aid to talented dancers.  The Scholarship is administered by an independent committee of highly-respected

members of the community who are dedicated to the advancement of dance in Hong Kong.  It  is funded through private donations, corporate sponsorships, and the sale of School calendars and tickets of “Stars of Tomorrow” performances.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, potential and/or financial need.  Throughout the year, the Scholarship funds :

Scholars' Class

The Scholars’ Program provides exceptionally talented students with intensive training in Ballet Technique, Repertoire, Jazz, Contemporary Dance and Dance Appreciation.

Dame Margot Fonteyn Award

The highest award of the Scholarship and is presented to the most outstanding senior students to enable them to continue their training at prestigious dance academies around the world.

Theatre-Going Scheme

The Theatre-Going Scheme offers students tickets to concerts, plays, and dance recitals to enhance their appreciation and understanding of the performing arts.

Boys' Class

The Boys' Class provides special training, by male instructors, for all of the School’s boys between the ages of 5 and 16.

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International Summer Dance School

The International Summer Dance School (ISDS), a four-week intensive dance programme, is a platform for the cultural and artistic exchange of ideas among dancers and teachers from around the world.  Scholarships for this program cover tuition as well as travel and living expenses for many foreign students.

Junior Summer Dance School

JSDS is a unique summer dance program designed for Grade 4 and above students of the School.     A 5-day course covers Ballet, Jazz, Chinese Dance, Stage Make-up and Headdress Making, Stretching and Repertoire.  It aims to complement and enhance the technical and artistic training of students.  
This is the privilege of Jean M. Wong School of Ballet students only.

Stars of Tomorrow

The School’s annual performance, gives students invaluable stage experience that builds their confidence and self-esteem and teaches discipline and team-work – benefits that last a lifetime.

Reach For The Stars

A showcase of Scholar's program, and Boys' class.

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