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Hong Kong Open Scholarship for Ballet Audition 

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The Hong Kong Open Scholarship for Ballet Audition jointly organized by the Jean M. Wong School of Ballet and The Tsinforn C. Wong Memorial Scholarship (government registered charity No. 91/3756) will be held during September or October each year.

Since its establishment in the 1973, the Scholarship has contributed to the training of many prominent figures in the dance world, producing dancers, choreographers, teachers and dance scholars who are working around the world today.

In the light of promoting ballet training and benefit more of the general public, the School is keen to use this opportunity to discover and nurture talented dancers-to-be. Criteria such as physique, artistry and musicality will be considered during the audition process by a panel of professional judges. Winners will be entitled to ONE YEAR FREE ballet training and may take part in the School's Scholars Class Programme, which costs over HKD$20,000.

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Hong Kong Open Scholarship for Ballet Audition 2023-24

Date :  7/10/2023 (SAT)

Venue :

 Jean M. Wong School of Ballet - North Point Headquarters 1/F, TRP Commercial Centre,18 Tanner Road, North Point, Hong Kong.


Requirement :

For non-Jean M. Wong School of Ballet students:

  1. age 6 – 10 (with or without previous dance experience)

  2. age 11 – 16 (with dance training)


>Online Registration From

Deadline :  3/10/2023 (TUE)

Contacts :

Tel: 2885 8366    Fax: 2567 3266    Email:

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