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Stars Award 2018

The School is pleased to announce the following excellent results achieved by our students at the Hong Kong Ballet Group Stars Award 2018 held in August.   Our most grateful thanks to all teachers and well done to all students!

Solo Competition Junior Section (Free piece)

Junior 2 (age 8-9)

1st Prize           Au Lok Ching Katelyn

Junior Girls 1 / Sub-Group B (age 6-7)

2nd Prize          Chan Hong Yu Audrey

Junior Girls 2 / Sub-Group B (age 8-9)

1st Prize           Au Lok Ching Katelyn

3rd Prize          Hui Tsz Ching Angie

Junior Girls 2 / Sub-Group C (age 8-9)

3rd Prize          Mow Wan Hei

Junior Girls 3 / Sub-Group A (age 10-11)

1st Prize          To Man Hei

2nd Prize         Chan Shiu Zhi Alexis

3rd Prize          Katrina Cheung Hong Yau

                          Lui Ching

Junior Girls 3 / Sub-Group B (age 10-11)

1st Prize          Sophie Le Couedic

Junior Girls 4 / Sub-Group A (age 12-13)

1st Prize          Gabriella Ho

2nd Prize         Lam Yin Ka Jinnee

                          Yue Yik Sum Kalista

3rd Prize          U Wai Kiu Eunice

Junior Girls 4 / Sub-Group B (age 12-13)

1st Prize           Anastasia Tin

2nd Prize         Hillary Huang

                          Ma Cheuk Yan

Senior Female 1 (age 15 or above)

Bronze Award        Gabriella Ho

Finalists                   Chan Chin Wing Charis

                                  Hillary Huang

                                  Ma Cheuk Yan

Senior Female 2 (age 16 -18)

Gold Award            Lee Hoi Ying

Silver Award           Canaan Wung Hay Chan

Bronze Award        Chan Chin Wing Charis

Senior Female 3 (age 19 - 21)

Silver Award             Lee Hoi Ying

Junior Boys 1 (age 6 - 9)

3rd Prize             Wong Hei Isaac

                             Wong Wang Ching

Junior Boys 2 (age 9 - 11)

1st Prize             Koo Pak Ming

Junior Boys 3 (age 12 - 13)

1st Prize             Kwong Tsz Chung

3rd Prize            Chan Chun Yin

Senior Male 1 (age 16 or above)

Gold Award               Jordan Yeuk Hay Chan

Bronze Award           Kwong Tsz Chung

Scholarship Recipient

The Royal Danish Ballet School               Canaan Wung Hay Chan

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