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Stars Award 2020

The School is pleased to announce the following excellent results achieved by our students at the Hong Kong Ballet Group Stars Award 2020 held in October & November.

Junior Girls 1 / Set Piece (age 6-7)

1st Place           Yu Hong Wai, Kayla

Junior Girls 2 / Set Piece (age 8-9)

1st Place          Chan Hong Yu Audrey

Junior Girls 3 / Set Piece (age 10-11)

2nd Place         Yu Hong Ching, Kaithlyn

3rd Place          Hui Tsz Ching Angie

Junior Girls 4 / Set Piece (age 12-13)

2nd Place           Sophie Le Couedic

                            Lui Ching


3rd Place            Kiara Lam

Junior Boys 2 / Set Piece (age 9-11)

2nd Place         Ng Chun Kit Rocco

Junior Boys 3 / Set Piece (age 12-13)

1st Place          Koo Pak Ming Michael

Senior Female 1 (age 15 or below)

Bronze Award      Anastasia Tin

Finalists                 Gabriella Ho

                                Ma Cheuk Yan

Senior Female 2 (age 16-19)

Silver Award           Lee Hoi Ying

Senior Male 1 (age 15 or below)

Silver Award         Anson Chan

                               Leo Kwong Tsz Chung

Contemporary 2 (age 16 -19)

1st Place            Lee Hoi Ying

The School would like to congratulate those participating students, their talents and efforts make them succeed in the competition.

Due to the epidemic, there were more difficulties preparing for the competition. The School was closed during the competition preparation period but the students joined the online classes to maintain their training and keep practising. The School appreciates that our students are disciplined and self- motivated.

“One minute on the stage, ten years of practice off the stage.” Only practices and frequent training is key to perform well on stage. The School hope that all students could be inspired by the hard work of those students and could achieve a higher standard even during pandemic.

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